Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Update #65

Do Unto Others

22. Handcraft 2+ items as Christmas gifts each year (3/6)

Baby stuff for a friend! Yay! Mailing it out today, too!

24. Sponsor a kid off an Angel Tree for two Christmases (0/2)

Got the kid's name. Now to buy for him.

Food and Health
40. Try a new recipe and/or food every month (14/143)

I tried some new food at the Chinese place at the end of last month. It was some kind of shrimp with veggies in a cream sauce. Not bad, but not going to be something I get regularly.

This month, I had blueberry pancakes with cream cheese. That was different... and delicious!


48. Create/send 5 care packages for friends (0/5)

Buying the last item, sending it out today.

I wish I could elaborate more, but the dog is annoying the piss out of me.

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