Friday, March 13, 2009

Update #27 & #28

Things have been crazy and I haven't been able to update. Here's what I've been up to:

35. Take Chrissy on a “Cool Girl Club” outing

The "Hannah Montana Movie" is coming out soon. I plan on taking Chrissy. *tosses confetti*

Food and Health
40. Try a new recipe and/or food every month (7/143)

Larry's homemade chicken noodle soup! :-D

46. Send each close friend a handcrafted item

I've got a thing on my LJ where I'm making hand-crafted items for 5 people. Some of them are close friends. :-) I'm currently working on one for a dear online friend of mine.

68. Breed Zoe and Frank (still waiting to see if she kids)

Still no kids.

Satisfying Nerdom
89. Place tags on all of my old journal entries including LJ and Xanga

Still working on it.


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