Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update #32

Food and Health
43. Give up caffeine for 2 weeks (4/14)

This kidney infection has kicked into full-swing, so no caffeine for this gal. :-/ Here's hoping I can make it through Hillbilly Days without giving in. I plan on taking my mug from 2007 so I can get $1 refills for tea/lemonade at this one special stand. It's $5 +/- for a new mug with a drink. The mugs ARE super nice, but I'll probably be super thirsty. So 5 refills for $5 is a lot more reasonable.

I'm also going to try to take more pictures for my 26 things while I'm there. I just hope I'm up for it. I've been super-weak the last couple of days.


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