Monday, May 4, 2009

Update #35

Personal Upgrades
64. Wear my hair down for one week (7/7)

Yay! I did it! Well... after today, I will have done it. ^_~ Go me!

Satisfying Nerdom
89. Place tags on all of my old journal entries including LJ and Xanga

My LJ account, JanneDoe, has been completely tagged. I'm still not sure if I should do my old accounts (ZameTheJedi and Trinity_Heart). When I made this list, I was thinking of just my active account on LJ and my Xanga account.


DyaniRose said...

i think the jannedoe one is enough. it's not like you use the other two anymore.

i would laugh if you forgot and, just fooling around, put your hair up for a minute and a half today...

ok, not really. maybe... rooting for you, i promise!!!

jannedoe said...

lol At exactly 12:06, my hair went into a ponytail. ^_~ But I lasted a full 7 days!

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