Friday, June 5, 2009

Update #39

None of the items in the last blog will be accomplished this weekend because a computer for my car still has yet to be located. *sadness*

46. Send each close friend a handcrafted item (1/5)
46. Send each close friend a handcrafted item (1/5)

I have 1 item in progress, 2 in the "waiting to be started" catefory (all materials bought, just need to start working), and 1 more in plotting (I still may or may not make this particular item for this person, since I'm not sure she'll like it).

We shall see.

77. Begin serious plotting future offspring

I have such terrible baby fever right now. It's not even funny. Seriously... I'm researching birthing plans. Well, I was at one point in recent history. Right now, I'm beginning serious plotting of going to bed.


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