Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cleaning & Books

Cleaning and Organizing
7. Wash dishes once a week for two months (7/8)

Yay for me!

80. Go to the library and select 5 random books I normally wouldn’t read and complete them (0/5)

I took the stupid book back. It was terrible.It made me want to chuck it into the trash or start a bon fire with it... and I don't believe in destroying books! Seriously, I've read bad fanfiction (and bad original fiction) that was better than that crap.

Character overload and vague descriptions topped with an overly dramatic plot line is a recipe for a really lame book.


DyaniRose said...

sounds like paolini...

and yeah, i don't believe in book burning either, but if ever i come across one, i have a history book that's going in :)

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