Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh Such Luck!

Lion Brand is doing their first Crochet Along with a sampler blanket, which is a pattern Haley has already given me! :-D This makes me very, very happy.

I also got a packet of flower seeds in the mail, so I now have more than enough seeds to begin my flower garden. Wal-Mart also has lots of adorable pots on sale. They look like buckets in various pastel colors, and I went nuts for them. I generally reserve my "please please can I get it" for yarn, but this once, I will let it slip for a non-yarn item. ^_^

There was also an awesome PSA on the radio the other day with tips for items to have in your car's emergency kit. This particular tip was for some canned good that re-inflates the tire and temporarily seals it long enough to find a gas station. I thought this was a very nifty idea and have made a mental note to get those for our kits.

My official start date is September 1, 2008 and my ending date will be May 30, 2011. I am very, very excited!


wildwoodflwr said...

I saw this!! I think I am going to do it. lol. Like I need more to do. But I have a book with tons of crochet stitches in it and I think it would be great to substitute some of those in. Maybe not..I don't know lol.

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