Friday, August 22, 2008

Pre-101 Post

While playing DDR, I decided to take a whirl on the Purple Levels. See, the music is divided up into color-coded levels. They are as I interpret them:

Green - Easy
Yellow - Advanced
Blue - Disco (some fast, some insanely slow)
Gold - Very Advanced
Purple - Expert

Today, I learned Purple Levels are NOT expert levels. They are "omgwtfbbq were they thinking?!" levels. My screen exploded with arrows going in every single direction. The big blue "GAME OVER" appeared within seconds. I think it was because my jaw was pressing the up arrow on my dance pad.

Methinks I have my work cut out for me. :-/ The other day, I successfully completed "Afronova," which is a Gold Level, 200 bps tune and thus the fastest song on the entire Beginners Mode. I've completed it with either an A or a B. The best you can get is AA, I think.

I could do "Afronova" and pass it on the first try with 200 bps (whatever THAT means, besides fast). I could not beat a 130 bps Purple Level.

I am sad.


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