Friday, November 14, 2008

Sorta Counts, Right?

Food and Health
41. Do workout DVD exercises three times a week for two weeks (or play DDR for 30 minutes a day)

Actually, I've started working out with Larry, his Shaolin instructor Greg, their friend Kevin, and Kevin's two teenage neighbors. We work out about two hours once a week doing a revised version of 8 Minute Abs (Larry, Greg, and Kev pretty much have it memorized), a long list of other exercises (sit ups, push ups, stretches, squats, crunches), along with some weight lifting (yay for 5 pound weights!), Shaolin, and--my personal favorite--some tai chi!

So while it isn't quite what I had in mind, it's still a regular work-out schedule. I've been twice, so hopefully we'll keep it up for a little while. If not, I'll find something else to do.

Love My Larry
51. Find an activity we can do together and do it often (craft, game, sport, whatever)

Punching at each other counts, right? ;-D


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