Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weekly Update #15

17. Complete the 100 Snapshots Challenge (0/100)
18. Complete 26 Things and post in my journal (0/26)

I need to just do these and get them over with. Honestly, they're not THAT hard. You point the camera at something and take a picture. End of story. Alas, yon ADD, I know thee well... for I am easily distracted. ^_~ lol

Do Unto Others
22. Handcraft 2+ items as Christmas gifts each year (1/6)

I really need to finish that scarf for Oaksy...

33. Spend the day shopping with Karen

We might do this during the upcoming weekend. There's Christmas shopping to be done! We'll see if it happens, though.

67. Leash-train Jack and Jasper

They have their first "real test" this week when I take them to the vet. They've outgrown their transporting cage, so they will have to ride in the "cannot leave the truck" cage and be walked into the vet's office. Wish my boys luck!

68. Breed Zoe and Frank

Frank is no longer rutting (thank God). Zoe still doesn't appear pregnant. Larry worries Frank is infertile. At first he suggested Zoe was, but considering she's got Jack and Jasper... But like I've read, it's hard to tell until right before they pop. I'll wait until February or so before I give up.

Related to Stories
82. Complete at least one book in the Jade trilogy

I'm going to try my best to put real effort into writing on this story. I have the prologue mostly edited. There's still kinks, but it's something, right? I've also worked out a better first chapter. Hopefully, it will work out as well as I hope it will.

Replacement Goal #101
No idea. I would like to have this slot filled before the new year, but so far I can't come up with anything. :-/ I have plenty of other goals to keep me occupied right now, so I haven't given it much thought at all. Oh well, we shall see.


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