Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly Update

Cleaning and Organizing
2. Clean my car, inside and out

The other day, we bought needed material for washing cars. Apparently, washing Larry's Firebird with just Dawn and water isn't good enough... lmao.

Confidence Building
8. Be more open about being bisexual (lose this lingering shame I was taught growing up)

Still trying to figure out a way to go about this without becoming one of those "screaming homo/bisexuals" that I can't stand.

Personal Upgrades
62. Buy 6 matching sets of pretty bras and panties (2/6)


76. Research horse ownership and care

I was offered a horse yesterday... for free. As in a no-bull-crap offer free horse. O_o Politely declined because I don't even have a goat shed yet. I need a barn before I can have a horse.

So yeah, such is my progress as of late. Nothing terribly exciting, but progress nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Ya know... I don't think I own any matching undies sets. I mean... I have red bras and red undies and black bras and black undies.. but they weren't meant to be a set. :P Hmmm.

jannedoe said...

If they look like a set, then in my book, it's a set. ^_~ There's no point in paying out the wazoo for a "real set."

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