Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Very Angry Goal

Cleaning and Organizing
3. Get film that’s laid around for years developed

Yeah, that was a huge waste of money. Seriously... it turned out one of those rolls wasn't even mine. It belonged to my ex, from the choir tour I didn't go on. The second roll was 95% of either him or some other person(s) I didn't want pictures of. The third roll was--as expected--of Jordan's wedding. I might keep one picture out of the entire batch.

And there wasn't a single picture of my friend that I was hoping to have pictures of. Oh well, such is life.

Well, now I've got that goal out of the way, but I feel like I've been robbed. I could have put that money towards something useful... like the yarn sale they were having at Wal-Mart. *rolls eyes* Seriously, Lion Brand wool was $3.50 a skein, and Carron Simply Soft was $1.50. But where did my money go? Towards pictures of my ex and his "friends."

Mostly, I'm just pissed I had to see his face again, and in far more abundance that I was prepared for. Oh well, now the trash people can look at him. It's where he belongs, anyway.

Now to contact Jordan and see if he wants these pictures.


wildwoodflwr said...

I'm sorry sweety. That's the trouble with those old school rolls of film. Thank God digital was invented and made affordable! But hey, that's at least one more thing that's off your list that you never have to think about again. Done and done-er.

jannedoe said...

lol If nothing else, it has taught me to either 1) never leave home without my digital camera or 2) develop any disposable cameras ASAP and never put it off for about four years!

Oh well, tis over now, and is one less worry on my mind. ^_^

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