Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekly Update #9

Bleah, I am accomplishing nothing. I'm working on Oaksy's scarf, and that's been pretty much it. Jasper is doing well with leash training, though. He hardly needs any prompting now. Jack, on the other hand...

Confidence building is going nowhere.

I'm a rather discouraged Jan right about now, but it'll get better. I need to focus on goals I can get done and just do them, like my photography challenges. That will make me feel better.

Meanwhile, back to Oaksy's scarf.


wildwoodflwr said...

Yeah, I'm pretty much in a rut on mine too. Not really getting anywhere. Oh well, that's why it's 1001 days instead of a year or something. :-D

jannedoe said...

Thank goodness, huh? ;-)

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