Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekly Update #8

I haven't accomplished much at all this last week. Well, it hasn't felt like I have, anyway. I figure it's time to sit down and plot some things to do this brand new week and see how I fare. Plans are usually a good thing.

Confidence Building
8. Be more open about being bisexual (lose this lingering shame I was taught growing up)

I'd thought about doing a series of posts on LJ, just talking about how I knew growing up, my feelings on being told such a thing was an abomination, etc. I'll keep it behind an LJ-cut, so it won't be mandatory reading for anyone. It'll just be there in case someone wants to know.

Honestly, just typing the above paragraph was hard for me. I have a feeling this idea will take a very long time to carry out, which I guess is the point. You can't make yourself comfortable with such a thing overnight. Time is the key.

17. Complete the 100 Snapshots Challenge (0/100)
18. Complete 26 Things and post in my journal (0/26)

I've been thinking about getting these two done and out of the way (linkage above). The 100 Challenge will be fun because it's such a big list of thing to photograph! I copied the list and alphabetized it to make it easier, though.

68. Breed Zoe and Frank

Frank has recently began to "rut," which is normal for goats in the fall. It means Zoe has come into season for sure. He's urinating all over himself and being rather aggressive. He takes great pleasure in knocking me down by side-swiping me on a steep hill. *glares* This behavior can last between a few days, a few weeks, or up to two months.

Either way, the goal here is to get him to successfully knock up Zoe so we will have baby pygmy goats. Not much I can really do to help in this department, though. (Have you ever seen little baby pygmy goats? Look them up on YouTube. You don't even need sound to see how precious and little they are!)

Related to Stories
82. Complete at least one book in the Jade trilogy

Yesterday, I had an epiphany. Now to put this new idea to work... and completely toss out everything I'd already written for the first book. :-/

I guess that's plenty to think and work on this week, don't you? *nods* Now to get my ghetto booty in gear and get-r-do!


wildwoodflwr said...

I agree. I'm finding that there are a lot of items on my list that.. to accomplish I have to face some inner demons that I really have been covering up. :-/ But I guess it's good for me in the long run...or whatever. :P

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