Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another Goal Nearing Completion

Cleaning and Organizing
6)Clean out email inboxes (1/2)

My Gmail is down from nearly 200 emails to a mere 39. Most of those were saved because I'm too lazy to bookmark the links Haley sent me. ^_^

I'm still pretty nervous about some of my goals. Getting the easy ones off the list makes me feel pretty spiffy, but then I look at some of my goals (like get #61. Get a cushy state job) really get me worried, even though I've got lots of time.

Hmmm, I need a ticker to countdown until my goal time is over. That should help me realize that I've still got lots of time to work at my bigger goals.

77. Begin serious plotting future offspring

Due to recent drama in the family, the subject of offspring has came up a few times. I won't mark this as "in progress" just yet, but it's scraping at the iceberg.


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