Monday, September 1, 2008

Kickoff for 101 in 1001!

I tried to book Hannah Montana to sing the national anthem and the Jonas *cough*emo*cough* Brothers for the halftime show, but alas... no luck. So my 101 in 1001 kickoff will have to begin with a simple tossing of confetti.

*tosses confetti*

I've began making small progress on my list today. Here's what's gone on so far:

101 in 1001
1) Made my weekly blog! I know... easy one.

Do Unto Others
22) Began plotting Christmas gifts for people. I have three scarves and a shawl planned so far.
23) Still growing my hair for Locks of Love. I have not spontaneously decided to wack it off again. Again, easy one.
26) Spoke to Gina via email about art commission. She refuses to charge me, but I'll make a donation anyway... 'cause artists need paid. :-D

Food and Health
40) Began confidence building by creating my own recipe last night. I had broccoli and cheddar rice with diced tomatoes and ranch dressing. Very yummy! Next time, I'll use either less ranch or substitute in sour cream.

48) Already scouted out potential item(s) for care packages for friends. Yay!

57) Scouted out awesome pots for flowers! I plan on buying them soon.

67) Jack and Jasper began leash training today. It's going to be a long road, lol.

I think I'm off on the right foot. :-D


wildwoodflwr said...

Locks of love isn't on my 101, but we could grow our hair together! That would be fun and help keep each other on track. :)

I did get a haircut on friday but it was mostly a trim, didn't lose any real length.

jannedoe said...

Sounds like fun! It was kinda scary when I did it last time. This one girl I knew had looooooooong hair and just cut it all off without donating it. I was so mad about that, so I decided to donate mine because it was long and I was tired of it.

(Warning: Do not go in with your hair in a braid. Make it a ponytail or you will lose about 2 +/- more inches than you intended on giving.)

Trims don't count as cutting because trims keep your hair looking healthy... and I'm in dire need of one, lol.

wildwoodflwr said...

I've actually been told that my hair doesn't need trims. I don't get split ends normally. So I just have to show up every now and then to get my mullet cut off until the front catches up with the back.

And honestly...with the way I whack hair off on a whim, you think I'm worried about it getting cut too short? haha!

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